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Customer Appreciation – it’s not just a day on the calendar for us. We appreciate our customers 365! And we think we know just how to show it.

Over the years, customers have repeatedly asked us for help with branding, social media, and all things marketing. And while we love answering questions and offering advice, there’s nothing quite like working with an official marketing agency. This is where that appreciation comes in!

We are excited to announce that over the next year we will partner with FreshPath Marketing, a marketing agency specializing in the floral industry, in giving away 1:1 Marketing Workshops to 20 of our customers!


We will be running this giveaway four times over the next year and selecting five winners per round:


Round One  |  June - August

Deadline to Apply: June 24th    |   Winners Announced: July 1st

Round Two  |  September - November

Deadline to Apply: August 22nd    |   Winners Announced: August 29th

Round Three  |  December - February 2023

Deadline to Apply: December 12th    |   Winners Announced: December 19th

Round Four  |  March - May 2023

Deadline to Apply: February 20th     |   Winners Announced: February 27th


 Each winner will select one of the five packages offered below!

Note: You only have to submit your entry once. Your entry, if not initially chosen, will automatically roll over to the next quarterly drawing. 


Complete the form below sharing your flower story & why your business would benefit from a 1:1 Marketing Workshop with FreshPath Marketing! Simple as that.


basic website audit

Your website is one of your business’s most important assets. Ensure that it is working for you and not against you with FreshPath’s Basic Website Audit. The goal of this workshop is to provide you with actionable insights to immediately improve your site’s performance.  


One of FreshPath’s philosophies is that branding is more than just a logo. Furthermore, your brand and the way it presents itself both to internal and external audiences should be consistent and compelling. The goal of this workshop is to determine whether the brand identity presented across your company’s digital channels is not only current and relevant to your target audience, but also reflects your business’s unique value proposition.  

basic website audit-1

Have you recently changed your business strategy? Do you believe your brand’s visuals may be outdated? Is your growth sluggish or stalling? All of these may be signs that you need to elevate your branding. The goal of this workshop is to modernize, increase the relevancy and ensure your brand’s logo and key messaging are aligned to your business’s unique value proposition.  


Email marketing is one of the highest performing marketing channels. Furthermore, automation and triggered emails offer some of the highest conversion rates. Are you maximizing your efforts with your own email list? The goal of this workshop is to provide solid email campaigns that are designed to perform and meet your business’s goals, whether that be creating brand awareness, creating customer loyalty or sales conversion.  


Is your social media presence lackluster or non-existent? Or maybe you are posting regularly, but not seeing the fruits of your labor translate to increased followers and more importantly increased sales and engagement. If you can identify with these statements, you need to define your social media goals, pick the right channels for your audience, and develop an executable plan! This workshop is designed to help you do all of those things with a 90-day plan. 

basic website audit (1)
Fresh path giveaway-1

FreshPath is a talented group of creators, innovators, rule-breakers, and risk-takers that helps uncover growth opportunities for its clients’ brands, businesses, and teams. The floral industry is complex and FreshPath has a deep understanding of its intricacies.

With its rich history of industry leadership, they provide marketing expertise - where and when you need it. FreshPath begins by working with your team to uncover potential and sustainable opportunities and solutions for both you and your customers. Understanding where you are and where you want to go allows FreshPath to determine your best path forward.